Chablis Grand Cru

« Les Clos »

« The Chablis Generosity »

When aromatic character and saltiness come together in your mouth, this signifies that you have entered the « Les Clos ». In its youth, it’s the minerality of the kimmeridgian stone that will be present after half an hour in a decanter. 5 to 6 years of careful cellaring will soften the minerality of the wine that has the structure that best represents Chablis. The Wine undergoes a period of 12 months maturation in oak, but not new barrels so as to respect the best of the wine’s natural freshness.


« Vintage advent » 2018

This is a majestic grand cru wine that royally installs its mineral aromas right up to its finish. Its texture is dense but fresh; rich without being overwhelming and gives this wine the sails to travel far with.

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« Vintage advent » 2016

The grand cru of the Chablis grand crus emerges at peak form. Its nose of rock, warmed by the sun, shatters on the tongue with an uncut substance your taste buds will need to reflect over. It is a wine of meditation that should be enjoyed like a dish on its own.

« Vintage advent » 2014

As it name reveals, « Les Clos » is enclosed. Let it be understood that it always needs an hour to breathe before finding its unique mineral voice. Sun-dried stones and powdered oyster shells describe it well. Its taut flavour comes from the dry extract worthy of a red wine, giving you the impression that your mouth has been chiselled in marble. The pure sensation this wine leaves on your palate is similar to the silence you enjoy after listening to Mozart ... Regal. A decade will be its best ally.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

Dressed in pure gold, the grandest of the Chablis Grands Crus entices the nose with its complex aromatic character- pasty notes of almond sponge cake, hawthorn and lilac. If its beginning on the palate gives praise to its barrel-ageing, it is only to better coat the tongue with a vast and intense mineral flavour that will have you salivating.

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« Vintage advent » 2011

If it shows off the shine of liquid gold, it delivers a sweet aroma of almond pastry and warm frangipane. Fat, it coats your taste buds with its already suave character. Followed by a retro-olfaction that makes you salivate and calls for grated cheese-covered scallops.

« Vintage advent » 2009

A bright canary yellow underlining its juice opens up to delicate fragrances of limestone where the grain of the oak barrel subtly makes an appearance in notes of rock candy. The fruit of this « Les Clos » is of perfectly ripened grapefruit that has preserved its natural acidity, making it worth cellaring until 2014. If you cannot wait that long, carafe it so as to enjoy all this wine has to offer.

« Vintage advent » 2007

This vintage evokes the terroir. The longer vinification allows the personality of the wine to better respect the terroir. The purety of the wine leaves you with a feeling of embracing the soil. Be patient for at least 5 years when this bottle will bring you liquid happiness.

« Vintage advent » 2006

At first allow the steely minerally wine to breath at least half an hour in a decanter. The core of the « Clos » is stony even though the harvest was hot and sunny. The wine is like a child being born, but one must wait at least 5 years before it becomes a man and 10 years before it becomes a wise man.


Chablis Grand Cru
« Les Clos »