Our chai

The foundation stone was laid in 1992, and the original building of 60m2 was for housing wine in barrels. Three years later we doubled the surface area to accommodate wine in bottles. The millennium saw us extending the building to 240m2 and purchasing our first stainless steel vats.

Extensions in 2005 comprised the construction of a temperate cellar for casks and half hogsheads. At the same time the offices were attached, thus creating a building of 650m2 where we can both carry on our business and at the same time welcome you to our new tasting cellar. In 2009 we constructed a covered outside building to receive the grape harvest and conveyor belts were installed to tip the grapes into our pneumatic presses.

Double bottomed tippers with vibrating spouts catch the grape juice which is drained and separated. This technique makes it possible for us to minimize the handling of the harvest and at the same time makes the most of the oxidation of the musts.

This modern chai, straightforwardly functional, allows us on a single site to carry out the whole process from vinification to packing the bottles in cartons without forgetting ... your visit to the cellars.