Chablis 1er Cru

« Mont de Milieu »

« The Wine of the Earth »

The grapes from 35 year old vines bought from this white stoned land have undergone an ageing in 600 litre barrels (demi-muid) blended with 30% wine that has been aged in stainless steel tanks. The French Oak adds a complexity that suits the purity from the stainless steel. The white gold that sticks the walls of the glass evokes, by it brightness, the Chardonnay at full ripeness. The wine is full and the oyster shells that make up the subsoil leave with and unique hint of saltiness.


« Vintage advent » 2019

Subtle notes of pollen exude from a vanilla perfume. Its fatty attack leads to a core of fleshy yellow fruit. Straightforward and saline, this wine is the epitome of its terroir and will be for a long time.

« Vintage advent » 2018

Basking in a glow of light, the most famous of the premier crus from the right bank holds true to its reputation. Decked out in fragrances of water flowers (lilies, water lilies, arum lilies….) it is perfumed in gracefulness. As soon as it enters your mouth, you will feel the very essence of a sapid Chablis with a long, saline finish. Although you can enjoy it now, it will be at its best after three winters in a cellar.

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« Vintage advent » 2017

Its golden liquid conceals a voluptuous perfume of purple flowers (wisteria, lilacs…). Its voluptuous nature takes on floral savours similar to flower pollen. Its saline length takes your taste buds along a road of sensual enjoyment.

« Vintage advent » 2016

Garbed in gleaming yellow, brilliant like gold, this wine’s fragrance is like freshly squeezed grapefruit. Its attack is unctuous and unveils the frank, clean bite of barrel ageing. Its length naturally would lead it towards a cellar, unless of course it crosses paths with a lobster.

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« Vintage advent » 2015

This wine glitters like a liquefied golden coin. Flower buds make up its bouquet marrying flower and plant, roses and primroses. Its dry deliciousness tautens the tongue before the saline nature of its upbringing makes its floral nose boomerangs back onto your palate. A wine tantamount to perfume. Pleasing now and for the next five years.

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« Vintage advent » 2013

Under Kimmeridgian gold, its nose nestles on a rocky slab, needing to be decanted. Its initial is vinous and full, with delicate wood notes, still too pronounced, requiring a least a year of cellaring. 2017 will be its apogee.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

This Premier Cru of brilliant gold exudes splintered stone and moist soil perfumes. As soon as it hits the palate it announces its mineral character, filling your mouth with earthy flavours that flow along Kimmeridgian notes. It has length and character and is ready to be married with a noble, oven-baked lobster.

« Vintage advent » 2010

Dressed in unpolished gold, it gives way to delicate fragrances wafting between water flowers and vanilla whipped cream. Its body shows itself to be round with the dry and tight character of a chardonnay. This wine’s final white rock note opens up the way to the purity of limestone. Crafted to be cellared for five years, elegance is the word that sums up this wine.

« Vintage advent » 2008

This wine has a beautifully golden yellow colour. The nose is a soft buttery vanilla character. Once on the palate the rich yellow fruits (peach, apricot) dominate, leading to a fresh mineral laden finish, making it ideal with creamed salmon dishes.

« Vintage advent » 2007

Aromas of iris mixed in with sun warmed stones on the nose. Crunchy fruit on the attack leads you a mid palate of mouth watering peach. The wines natural firmness promises for great future and reaching maturity in 2012. Why not drink it with pan fried scallops?


Chablis 1er Cru
« Mont de Milieu »