2018 Vintage at the GARNIER & sons Wine Estate

Weather Journal

After a winter of heavy rain, which helped replenish water reserves, the vegetative cycle began early, as it often has in the past years. The only difference is that this year, nature escaped frost in April and May. Ideal conditions in spring promoted good vine growth with an undisturbed and fragrant flowering phase. Summer was sunny, often hot and even dry in the month of August.

A rare alignment of the planets made for exceptional weather, making all concern of disease or climatic incidents dissipate.

The extremely dry conditions in August made us worry about losing yields but as soon as the juice was flowing under the grape presses, we quickly understood, thanks to the replenished water reserves of winter, that we would have an abundant year. We also knew that this harvest would naturally compensate for the two very complicated previous years.

Harvesting Journal

In the end the grapes were perfectly healthy. We nonetheless had to manage extremely hot temperatures in the day during harvest. We yet again began early, the 6th of September and the thermometer often rose to over 30°C in the afternoon.

We therefore chose, for the mechanical harvest, to set out early, around 3 am. An excellent decision.

Likely because of high degrees of alcohol and the temperature during harvest, natural fermentation was rather sluggish, with a number of vats totally at a standstill. Sugars were not finished until the following spring, in May. Quantity and quality are here to please!

Tasting Journal

The great maturity of the grapes made for high alcohol degrees (between 13° and 14°). This resulted in lower acidic averages but fortunately with good pH levels (between 3.10 and 3.20) to balance everything out. The well-rounded profile of the 2018 wines begins with a luminous yellow like a field of wheat with distinct aromas of flowers. Mid-palate is fatty with a mineral tension. These wines will rapidly be seductive and have a decent ageing potential.