2019 Vintage at the GARNIER & sons Wine Estate

Weather Journal

As in 2018, following a rather mild winter, the vine’s vegetative cycle began early. We were quickly 8 days ahead of the average of the past 20 years. A cold period moved in until the beginning of May, harming the buds with frost and stopping an otherwise promising cycle.

Summer was characterised by heat and a lack of rain. The temperatures were scorching and the rain gauges were desperately low.

Ripening and maturation took a while to get started. A few rainfalls came to the rescue in the second half of August allowing for a quick-paced maturation of the grapes, which, in the end reached excellent quality.

Before harvest began, the vines were in good condition and healthy. The clusters were small with millerandage.

Harvesting Journal

Harvesting began on the 12th of September for the Petit Chablis in Lignorelles to finish on the 26th of September in Tannay for the Melon. Under the wine press, the yields were poor and the average for our estate was 42hl/ha.

Despite everything, acidities were well preserved, between 4.5 and 5.5 grams and pH between 3.20 and 3.30 allowing for the maintenance of an excellent balance. The magic of years ending in 9 performed a miracle yet again!!

Tasting Journal

The 2019 vintage is full of promise of pleasure. Decked out in fine sugar-acid balances, both colours of wine have pizzazz. The fruit is more crispy than pulpy. The noble bitterness of zest (the inside of citrus rind) gives a glimpse to its great ageing potential. They are not the richest but certainly the liveliest of our wines! Unfortunately, yields were lower than expected. A precious vintage

Renovation Journal

In 2019, renovations to build an extension on the winery began. Everything will be ready for the 2020 harvest. We are impatient to be able to use a new reception area for the grape harvest and we are especially excited about having all the vats equipped with thermoregulation as well as two brand new casks!