Petit Chablis

« The Wine of Fruit »

Like a monopolistic wine, this Petit Chablis comes from a great site of 2.2 hectares. Six months in stainless steel tanks allow the wine to maintain its citrus freshness unlike any other, that of Chardonnay at its purest.


« Vintage advent » 2019

Elegantly perfumed with field flowers, we stroll through this wine with our nose in the air like a butterfly fluttering over pollen. Its beginning is plump and then slides towards a rich texture of the Chablis oyster “shell” juice. You can already put the second bottle on ice...

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« Vintage advent » 2018

Its green golden hue lights up your glass while exuding generous aromas of pollen. Its immediately supple attack moves into a straightforward and mouth-watering flavour. A slight bitterness at the finish gives it length.

« Vintage advent » 2017

Bright golden finery leads the way into an explosion of spring flower aromas. Generously juicy, indulge in this rich, ripe, yellow fruit that finishes with notes of pomelo zest.

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« Vintage advent » 2013

Its body appears to be sculpted in liquid gold streaked with grey. Its nose, with a hint of « oyster » evolves with unbridled pleasure into a saline savour like a splash of ocean on the palate. A bottle of good times to be enjoyed with friends who love sharing a delicious glass of wine.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

The shiny hues of its golden robe are reflected in the lily and lilac fragrances that weave a heady bouquet. A distinctly nectarine flavour instantly fills the mouth. This « Petit Chablis » can be enjoyed a little older, but why wait when it is already immensely delicious.

« Vintage advent » 2011

Its light gold colour captured in the wine glass captivates the eye. Its aromatic structure evokes warm sand and flowering bushes such as rose hip. Indulge in 2011’s unique flavour of yellow fruit with a finish to make anyone salivate. Ready for a pure pleasure rush?

« Vintage advent » 2010

An ample, pale robe leads the way to a nose of white stones that Little Tom Thumb might have strewn along the road to Lignorelles...Its attack tells the tender tale of voluptuous candied lemon fruit. Its short finish is an excellent reminder that this crisp and refreshing wine is a perfect aperitif. Everything expected in a Petit Chablis!

« Vintage advent » 2009

A pale yellow colour with silvery hints, with an exotic blend of citrus and hawthorn on the nose. The attack is soft leading to minerality and fullness. This wine offers a great balance between freshness and the warmth of the vintage.

« Vintage advent » 2008

With the springtime scent of the cowslip (the yellow flower found on embankments) and with a minerality which should not be confused with freshness, this bottle will make you shudder with pleasure. Will be ideal with young goats cheese lightly sporinkled with sea salt.


Petit Chablis