« The Wine at Sea »

The soils of Maligny, Ligny et Villy make up, in order of importance, the blend for this Chablis where each commune brings it’s own character. The pale yellow with hints of green marks the arrival of Chablis , whilst the floral and cut grass aromas blend with chalky flintiness.


« Vintage advent » 2019

Its pale light is enveloped in fresh notes of kaffir lime and white flowers such as camomile. Delicately plump, its substance will charm the taste buds with its ample roundness. Its saline finish will remind you that you are in Chablis and nowhere else.

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« Vintage advent » 2018

The yellow of flower pollen takes shape in this wine’s colour and floral nose, which, after opening, tends towards the shell-like nature of Chablis. Richly endowed with a digestive substance, its lemony framework will have you salivating. It is the perfect bottle to reunite with friends over.

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« Vintage advent » 2017

Behind the bright colour of a bar of gold, delicate notes of flowering honeysuckle rub with marzipan. A white nectarine nature renders its savour full and sensual. This wine is an ideal introduction to the appellation at cocktail hour.

« Vintage advent » 2016

To the golden robe replies a nose that expands into flowering honeysuckle. Its fruity yellow fruit, as if enrobed in fat, releases a thirst-quenching wave of salinity. It will be perfect with fresh goat cheese toasts.

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« Vintage advent » 2013

Donned in superb green and gold highlights, its nose fragrant with lilies and white flowers entices your taste buds. They are quickly satisfied by the initially fatty fruit that moves on to the crisp, tangy flavour of pink pomelos. Its salinity comes back to settle at the finish. Keep for 2 to 5 years.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

Under its gently golden suit hides a strong personality of oyster shells and warm flint stone. The impression of eating an Atlantic oyster will come as no surprise. Its iodine finish brings your tasting experience to an authentic, distinctly Chablis close.

« Vintage advent » 2011

Before the rocky aromas seduce your nose with round, fresh notes you will have already been enticed at first sight with its brilliance. Straightforward and heady, this wine is worth saving before marrying it with a steaming cassolette of oysters.

« Vintage advent » 2010

A pure gold wine with a mineral scent of white rocks fills the glass with revelry. Its commencement is fatty giving way to a generous, rich texture like that of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. This is the bottle you share with a seafood appetizer.

« Vintage advent » 2009

A bright colour that shines like a light and lovely floral notes of lilac and iris on the nose with great finesse. The palate is full and laden with floral notes leading on to a beautifully balanced minerally finish. A dozen « Fines de Claires » oysters would be ideal with this wine.

« Vintage advent » 2008

A silky juiciness and a persistent creaminess fills the apricot laden palate. All this with a fullness that will allow the wine to age happily.