Bourgogne Epineuil

« The red pleasure »

Through the cherry red colour of the wine one can imagine crushed red berry fruits on the nose where blackcurrant and strawberry fight for supremacy. The soft fleshiness of this wine reflects the freshness of the terroirs of the Village of Epineuil where the grapes are from. A pleasure for all.


« Vintage advent » 2015

From behind its grenadine coloured robe comes the unmistakeable perfume of burnt vine stalks. Its frank attack grabs hold of the taste buds from the moment it enters your mouth, followed by the crisp tang of blood orange that will make you flush. Try it with barbequed pork ribs.

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« Vintage advent » 2013

Dressed in a grenadine cloak, this wine breathes subtle notes of cold smoke and a touch of iris and wilted rose. Its delicate flavour evokes an Alsatian Pinot with delicious tannins and a smooth finish. Enjoy with a Chicken au Jus and make a match made in gourmet heaven.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

Its crimson colour enthrals your eye with its plum-flesh tones. Its perfume enchants your nose with vanilla-sugared cherries. Black cherries take your palate hostage and don’t release you until the last drop. All aboard for immediate pleasure.

« Vintage advent » 2011

Don’t let its light red robe mislead you; this year has produced a savoury juice whose lively fruit bring your taste buds to life. Its aromatic finesse evokes cherries and the delicate aroma of the wood it was matured in. A perfect bottle to share on a Sunday over a roasted chicken.

« Vintage advent » 2009

Dressed in bold ruby this straightforward wine expresses a wild strawberry and garden strawberry balance. These two red berries intertwine in mouth for immediate fruit-filled enjoyment. A perfect match for roasted poultry with its juice.

« Vintage advent » 2008

A rich crimson colour, with cassis and strawberry on the nose. The palate is full of cherry fruit and well balanced tannins and an elegance and depth. Ideal with braised poultry.

« Vintage advent » 2006

Fruit dominates, from one end to the other, this juicy wine, which is ideal for summer barbecues.


Bourgogne Epineuil