« Grains Dorés »

« Freedom in a glass »

We have chosen to create a cuvee as we felt it should be made. Going outside the boundaries of a classical vinification , this cuvee from the Côte de Charmoy terroir, has had 30 months of maturation before being bottled. Alternating between Barrels and tanks, the wine was lightly stirred in order to extract the best leescharacter.


« Vintage advent » 2018

There is no doubt about it; this wine is filled the inebriating folly of freedom held prisoner in a glass! A flash of light unleashes a chalky note that reminds you from what terroir it came from. Its attack is generously fruity and then develops into a winy, dense savour of yellow fruit (peach, nectarine). Its saline length gives a glimpse into its future - four to five years from now.

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« Vintage advent » 2017

True to its name, this “signature” wine of the domain is donned, as always, in a liquid as bright as a sunbeam. Its juice, with subdued reduced notes, retrace the limestone of the earth in paths of rubbed flint stone. Ample as it enters the mouth; it unleashes a torrent of minerality. Taste it and never forget it!

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« Vintage advent » 2015

Its white gold juice puts your nose in seventh heaven! Its limestone upbringing gives it a perfume of powder and ground shells, of freshly knapped flint ... in short, a one-of-a-kind fragrance. On the palate, the blueprint of a unique Chablis takes hold of your senses. You will or will not love this bottle, but you will drink it to its last drop.

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« Vintage advent » 2012

Its pure gold body strikes though the glass. An oyster shell is its first impression but its exposure to oxygen brings forth white flowers (hawthorn) and the vanilla note from the Oak. On the palate it is first fatty and then returns to a deliciously drinkable salinity making it the perfect pair for a « Chicken in Half-Mourning ».

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« Vintage advent » 2011

It shows off buttercup colour and notes of moss from rocks and torrents. After it coats the inside of your mouth, it progresses to a frank mineral savour that finishes with a touch of refreshing iodine. Truly authentic, it was born to marry with sushi or be stowed away in your cellar.

« Vintage advent » 2009

In this vintage, the Chablis is draped in liquid gold. The fragrances that rise from the cup underline the perfect maturity of this year with hints of flowering linden berry and honey. Its body widely melts in mouth, leaving the tongue draped in fruity, ripe apricot. A year to discover without waiting that marries harmoniously with a Bresse hen in cream sauce.

« Vintage advent » 2008

From under its yellow coat, hemmed in gold, floats perfumes of dry stone and chafed flint. The heart of its palate tells the story of ancient shellfish. Its finish crystallises sea salt with a touch of ripe citrus. Uncork and enjoy or add an additional five years of patience to make this bottle as exceptional as a fossilized oyster.

« Vintage advent » 2007

After 3 years of ageing, this wine comes out of its shell. It offers you a new way to appreciate Chablis whilst maintaining the standards of the appellation. A yellowy green colour, with a nose of rose petals and honey. The palate is rich and open with a long saline finish that will leave you in no doubt of the wines origins. This wine is must for wine enthusiastes.

« Vintage advent » 2006

Its natural blondness lets the crystalline of its aromas. The lily and valley flowers give it their finesse. The vanilla fat brought by the breeding as well as a certain maturity reflect the heat of the year.

« Vintage advent » 2005

A clear yellow colour engulfs the glass. Aromas of forest flowers and dried fig are entwined with the ripe grilled vanilla of the oak. The complex fullness is the soul of this wine which, according to us, confirms a modern vision, yet authentic to Chablis. Perfect with poached lobster.


« Grains Dorés »